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If you wish to contact me to talk about tuning your rifle or to order some parts. Please Email me at

Or if you prefer Tel 07847485993



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Hello My Name is Tony Burton air gun repairer & tuner

I can supply Vortek tuning products for diy fit or i can tune your spring gun for you.

Please call me for you air gun needs i can source most parts for most air guns.

Vortek are allways bringing new products to the market.

Please keep checking my web site for new and interesting spring gun tuning products from Vortek,

Repairing and tuning of all types of Airguns.

I specialise in the tuning of Spring guns

I can repair and tune FAC Rated air weapons . Both PCP and Spring. As well as sub 12 FPE.

Servicing and Spring rifle Tuning Prices

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